About us

This is a team of young developers, designers and marketers passionate about digital transformation and the well-being of notre planete

We don't just sell Frisbees. We sell you uniqueness, authenticity, creativity, culture merged with digital.
Through our products, we aim to have a positive impact on our community. We offer young people a new way of exchanging information, whether in a personal or professional context. We enable them to give a good first impression by sharing their information instantly and without contact.

Our products are mobilized with you, represent you, speak to you, about you and your way of seeing the world, they fight with you for a better world. They give you confidence because what you believe is worth fighting for.

Carry us in your pockets on this long journey of life, and you will certainly feel more confident than ever, more indifferent to inappropriate looks and criticism, even stronger than you already were, more motivated for a Morocco and a better world.